Phone Call → Kurtana
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Phone Call → Kurtana
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The List || Sam & Santana


“I think I’ll let you achieve that goal another time… preferably with another person.” Sam snickered at Santana’s expression then let out a barely audible snort at her comeback. It wasn’t the most impressive comeback Sam had heard from her. Rolling his eyes at her comment, he replied truthfully, “And that, I guess.” He raised an eyebrow at Santana’s challenge. “Wanna bet? I’m sure I could seduce him with my blondeness.” To prove his point, he shook his head causing his hair to flick about. “Woah,” he exclaimed at Santana’s outburst, raising his arms up in protest. “No need to attack me. Or my lack of brain cells.”

When Santana shifted away from him, Sam swung his legs up and rested his feet where Santana was sat a couple of second ago and he hugged his legs with his arms feeling a lot comfier. “What?” he burst out, widening his eyes at Santana. “Fine, I’ll stop if you teach me that song.” He blinked at her, hoping she would take on his offer. “I am quite tired actually,” Sam said, closing his eyes, whilst resting his chin on his knees and then suppressed a yawn that had arrived after Santana’s. He chose not to mention anything about alien mind reading as that probably wouldn’t help him get Santana to teach him a song either.

"My goal won’t be achieved unless it’s you, Evans." she stated, shrugging her shoulders. "I’ll get you when you least expect it." Shaking her head slightly, Santana could tell her tough walls were slipping and that was the last thing anyone could see right now. Santana laughed in mockery at Sam’s eagerness to bet with her. "I don’t see how you could seduce anyone, blondie. I could seduce him without even looking in his direction." Smirking at his hair flicking, she laughed loudly. "The poor dude will think you’re Bieber and run away before you have the chance. You should really quit while you’re ahead." The Latina shook her head at his sudden fear. "I do have a need to attack you, Evans. You could at least try to be nice to me. What the hell did I do to you?” Santana stated as she leaned back onto the bench.

Raising an eyebrow as Sam swung his legs up onto the bench, she sighed loudly. “People have to sit there, y’know?” Santana gave up immediately and folded her arms across her chest again. “I’m not gonna teach you that song. There are no such things as alien songs. I made them up, okay? Holy sweet hell. You’re so naive.” Avoiding eye contact with Sam at all costs, she stared up at the sky. The Latina turned her gaze back to him as she watched him yawning. “No wonder. After all that craziness, I’m not surprised that you’re exhausted.” Copying Sam’s previous actions, she shuffled over on the bench and put her feet up. “Let’s just give the list a break for now, okay? Auntie Tana is tired now.” She didn’t even care what his response was right now. Whatever he said, she would probably ignore it.

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Private Journal Entry #1

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Narrative → New Girl [October 1, 2012]

TAGGINGSantana Lopez

TIME FRAME → Monday Morning

LOCATIONS → Arizona: House & School 

GENERAL NOTES → Being the new girl in Arizona is more difficult than Santana Lopez anticipated. She isn’t the hottest and most popular cheerleader in McKinley anymore, she’s just a nobody. Knowing that she doesn’t fit in this state equivalent to a desert makes her cringe. Wanting nothing other than to go home, Santana is hopeless but refuses to admit it. She becomes determined to never give up and earn her place in the new high school food chain.

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Song: Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit)
Artist: Jessie J
Album: Who You Are
Played: 199 times


Jessie J | Nobody’s Perfect

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The List || Sam & Santana


“Five minutes? That’s a long time!” Sam continued to tease. Unfazed by Santana’s cold glare, as he was used to them by now, he let out a laugh at Santana’s reaction to him. He could tell Santana was easy to wind up and he was definitely going to use it to his advantage. “Thinking would require me to have a brain which is something we’ve already stated that I don’t have,” he replied with another grin. “Probably,” he stated with a shrug. “I’m only here because I’m bored and had nothing to do today.” He paused for a moment before saying, “Anyway, I think he’d prefer me as you would scare him.”

Sam laughed at Santana’s statement. “Well, clearly I did just say it. And anyway, I didn’t forget about it, I just thought you were looking after it as you took it from me.” He made a mental note to try and remember to pick it up before he went home – he would be extremely annoyed if he forgot about it, especially with the ridiculous amount of time he spent writing it. “Fine, I will,” he said crossing his arms. Embarrassing himself was something Sam didn’t particularly care about. He probably did it enough of the time anyway with his impressions. He hummed to himself as he tried to quickly make up an annoying song. Annoying… Suddenly, the perfect song came to him.  I know a song that gets on everybody nerves…” he started to sing, knowing that the stupid song would frustrate Santana easily.

Santana shook her head at Sam’s comment. “It’s technically not that long, Evans. I’m sure I could complete my goal in a shorter time, if you want.” She smirked at his reaction after speaking. Opening her mouth to protest at his statement, she couldn’t think of a way to counter his argument. “Oh, whatever. You have a brain the size of a pea. At least we can agree on that.” The Latina was already getting tired of his goofy grins. All she wanted to do was wipe them off his face as soon as possible. The only problem was there was no method where it would permanently be removed, so she gave up almost immediately. Santana was speechless when she heard his reason for being here. She pretended to be completely unphased by his words. Shrugging her shoulders, she replied. “You’re here because I forced you to come. Get your story straight.” Rolling her eyes at his comment, she furrowed her eyebrows. “No chance. You can’t deny this hot damn mess, Evans. I could beat you any day.”

Immediately snapping back at him, she raised her voice. “Holy crap! It’s a figure of speech, Evans!” Shaking her head again at his statement, she replied. “No! I was reading it. They are two completely different things. Obviously your brain doesn’t know the difference between them. I’m not surprised.” The Latina wasn’t surprised with his reaction, there was no chance that he would deny the opportunity to annoy her. At least they had something in common, she would probably do the exactly same thing to him. Santana shuffled away from Sam on the bench whilst listening to his barely audible humming. The second he opened his mouth to sing, the Latina flung her hands to her head and stared down at the ground. “Oh, God. You are unbelievable. You’ve just ruined any chance of me teaching you an alien song.” she said while Sam continued singing. “… Deal with it.” Santana stated as she raised her head, stretched her arms out in front of her and yawned. “Please tell me you’re tired now. I honestly can’t cope with you acting like a five year old for any longer.”

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Phone Call → Kurtana
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